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About My Mother

My mother, Betty, was a wonderful grandmother, mother, wife and good friend who was loved by many. She loved to laugh was one of the most kind, genuine and funniest people I have ever known.


The book Foodborne Dementia is dedicated to my mother, Betty Thomas, and my inspiration for writing this book is a disease which prematurely took her from our family and this world. She was a wonderful person who did so many things for so many people. She faced a horrible death, and it saddens me her disease continues to happen to others seemingly more frequently than we are led to believe. If she died due to what she ate, her death may have been prevented had she been given the information to make safer choices to prevent the disease.

Author Bio

Carolyn Howell is an IT and data management professional with over thirty years’ experience in technology and data in regulated industries. She holds degrees in computer information systems and business administration and currently lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

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