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My mother’s death inspired me to tell the world about the disease she had. It is contagious and incurable and very few people seem to know about it.  The disease can incubate up to 30 years with no symptoms until suddenly an accelerated form of dementia appears.


I believe there is much more that can be done by industry, government and individuals to prevent the spread of the disease and this book contains important information everyone needs to know. 

"Carolyn offers an important insight into the nightmare known as prion disease. Not only does she explore the causes of the disease, she exposes the misinformation and mismanagement that are putting millions of family members and caregivers in harm's way. Neurodegenerative disease is the fastest-growing cause of death in the world. Answers begin with the truth." ~ Gary R. Chandler, President/CEO Crossbow Communications, author of Alzheimer's Disease: Food & Facts Can Save Your Life

"As a naturopathic physician, I believe in educating my patients in understanding their illnesses and how they can prevent or manage them. This book is a perfect example of empowering the public through understanding the epidemic that is on the horizon, namely neurodegenerative diseases. As the baby boomers continue to age, we will be seeing rapidly rising rates of dementia, Alzheimers, and other forms of neurodegenerative diseases. This book opens up the reader to seeing the possibility of how something as benign as our food supply can be a cause, and a very preventable one, of such a horrific disease. The public should feel that their food is safe, and the public should know the risks involved of eating foods that may not be thoroughly tested. Most importantly, family members should be aware of the possibility of their own loved one going through a similar illness and what they can do early on in the diagnosing phase of the disease." ~ Christy Cline, NMD, Lac

"A wonderfully written first-hand account of what Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is like for families of the patients, followed with incredible, well researched information and possible (and needed) solutions. Truly a valuable book for anyone invested in their own health!” - K. Blake Ragsdale, M.D.

"This book begins with an honest, and difficult story about Carolyn’s firsthand experience with a terrible disease, and ends with what can be done to prevent and address this in the future. A must read for anyone in the medical field, and anyone who values their family’s and their own health and future!” -Katelyn Walker, RN, BSN

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